We Were Here, Too: Peasant Puzzle Solutions

    Players in the role of the Peasant in We Were Here Too may benefit from some pointers with so many levers to pull and six rooms of riddles to solve.

    We Were Here Too, like its predecessor, includes a couple of players collaborating to escape an abandoned castle through puzzle solving and dialogue. Unlike We Were Here, though, this game assigns each player a distinct role: one will play the Lord, while the other will play from the perspective of their Peasant.

    We Were Here Too is a fantastic co-op puzzle game that builds on the dramatic mystery aspect of the first game while also giving more challenging problems that require more engaged participation. A player’s greatest power is communication between the Lord and the Peasant.

    While the Lord is primarily responsible for observation and communication in We Were Here Too, the Peasant is responsible for solving the majority of the puzzles and asking the necessary questions to ensure that both players escape the castle.

    The Peasant will find an altar with three changeable emblems after entering the first room in We Were Here Too. The Lord will reveal the symbols required to open the lever door. Then they’ll describe another three that are located above three coffins in their room, allowing both players to proceed to the next room.

    The Peasant will find a circle with symbols and candles set around it in the next chamber. The Peasant is responsible for lighting the candles in the order that the Lord instructs. The red and blue banners in the room will light up after that is accomplished successfully. The Lord will have to describe the symbols on their room’s banner so that the Peasants can match the elements of symbols on their banners. The player must then return to the circle and activate the symbols in the order that the Lord directs. This will open the entrance to the stairwell, but players must depart by flipping the lever on the left. Before entering the next room, there is one additional stumbling block: a locked gate. To unlock it, the Peasant must describe the symbols on the wall’s cross to the Lord, who will use wooden cubes to open the gate.

    Switch the lever to the left at the third room’s entrance. Based on the information gained from the Lord, the Peasant must place weapons and shields in the hands of the knights in this room. To keep their Lord alive, the player will need to occasionally steer the wheel in the middle of the room.

    On the left side of the next room, there will be a lever that needs to be flipped. The stained glass pictures will be the subject of the following puzzle. The peasant should rearrange the removable parts according to the instructions given by their Lord. After that, proceed to the room’s large chess board and instruct the Lord on how to manoeuvre the chess piece to kill the two knights. In the second round, enter the two towers with two chess pieces. The Peasant will be able to enter the maze as the Lord looks on from above. Cross the room and climb the stairs before standing on the centrepiece. The final lever is located behind the left-hand door. Now that that’s out of the way, the Lord will lead the Peasant through the maze safely.

    The time has come for Lord and Peasant to reconcile, but there is one final barrier to overcome. The Lord should match the symbols on the wheels, which the Peasant should convey.

    Finally reunited, it’s time to depart via elevator from the castle of We Were Here Too. However, there are three more levers to pull first. One is in the room to the left of the elevator chamber’s entrance. Another is near the exit on the top floor. The last location is at the bottom of the elevator shaft, and it will take one of the players to climb onto the elevator’s roof to watch it fall. The Lord and the Peasant can ride the elevator all the way to the top and be free of their escape room-style mission with each lever pulled. If the Peasant does not pull all of the levers, one player will be forced to wait at the bottom of the elevator shaft, steering the wheel while the other escapes – a sad throwback to the previous game.

    We Were Here Too’s success indicated that the hype generated by the first game in the series was not a fluke. Fans of co-op, puzzle games, stressful environments, escape rooms, and accomplishment hunters will all find something to enjoy. Total Mayhem Games continues to amaze.

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