Oscar Isaac Explains Why His Moon Knight Character Is From England

    Oscar Isaac discusses why he decided to make Moon Knight’s Steven Grant English and how he changed his accent to fit the role.

    Oscar Isaac explains why he chose English for his Moon Knight persona, Steven Grant. On May 4, the latest Marvel series came to an exciting finale after six episodes. In a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) system, Steven Grant and Marc Spector, a museum worker and a mercenary, share a body. They serve the Egyptian god Khonshu as his avatar, giving them the ability to transform into the night-time vigilante Moon Knight. As Steven and Marc learn to live with each other for the greater good, the path is one of self-acceptance and strength.

    Moon Knight features the alters Marc, Steven, and his third alter Jake Lockley, the latter of whom is still unexplained to both the audience and Marc and Steven themselves. Steven in the comics is wealthy and sophisticated, whereas the Steven shown onscreen in Moon Knight is modest and rough around the edges. This was a decision Isaac and the Moon Knight crew made for the series, and it helped to establish Steven as a sympathetic and accessible protagonist from the beginning. From his initial appearance in Moon Knight episode 1, his humour and genuine attitude — as well as his opening song “A Man Without Love” by Engelbert Humperdinck, thanks to TikTok — enthralled audiences.

    However, Isaac himself advocated for another big character change for MCU Steven. During an appearance on D23’s Inside Disney podcast, the actor explained that the inspiration for Steven English came from the show’s setting: London. Isaac revealed that he questioned Moon Knight’s London setting and realised that it was simply done to broaden the MCU universe beyond New York. Isaac decides to take it a step further by recasting Steven English as the MCU’s “Peter Sellers,” making him more accessible and amusing. Below is what Isaac had to say about Steven:

    Isaac’s decision paid out handsomely, as fans of the Marvel series’ portrayal of the comic book character Steven have grown to adore him. Steven’s English has become a crucial aspect of him and what he represents to the plot, from his eager “Wagwan!” to his memorable “Laters gators.” In the same way that Cairo is vital to Marc and his wife Layla El-Faouly, London has become important to their system (May Calamawy). Rather than being just another location, London serves as both a home and a backdrop for many key events, which may explain why Marc and Steven’s stories began and concluded there.

    What comes next for Steven, Marc, and Moon Knight remains a mystery. Khonshu and Jake’s sequence in the Moon Knight credits seemed to hint at more for their story, but nothing has been verified. With related characters like Black Knight being built up, it’s possible Moon Knight might return in a broader team-up that hits theatres rather than just Disney+. Isaac has indicated interest in returning to the MCU in the future. Steven’s reappearance in Moon Knight episode 6 was the biggest comfort for many fans, since Isaac’s compelling and emotive portrayal of the character, as well as his lovely English accent, has grabbed the hearts of many viewers for a long time.


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