The Shrouds is a new film by David Cronenberg.

    David Cronenberg has revealed The Shrouds, a new film starring Vincent Cassel, who worked with him on Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method.

    Even though Crimes of the Future has yet to have a broad distribution, filmmaker David Cronenberg is already working on his next project. The experienced filmmaker’s name is so well-known that it is synonymous with the body horror genre he popularised. If you like horror movies, you’ve probably heard the name “Cronenberg” mentioned in hushed tones because of his cerebral storyline and disturbing images.

    David Cronenberg has unveiled The Shrouds, his follow-up project to his upcoming film Crimes of the Future, which will premiere at Cannes next week. It’s a hectic time for the Canadian filmmaker, as Crimes of the Future is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated films of the festival, owing to its ostensibly violent nature. Cronenberg has predicted walkouts during the first five minutes, echoing the events of the 1996 festival, when his film Crash was met with comparable desertions and boos, despite winning a Special Jury Prize.

    The Shrouds, it appears, will be yet another thorn in Cronenberg’s Cannes controversy belt. According to Deadline, Vincent Cassel, who previously worked with Cronenberg in Eastern Promises and A Dangerous Method, will play Karsh, a man who invents a technology that allows people to watch their buried loved ones rot. The Shrouds is expected to begin filming in March 2023, with the same team behind it as Cronenberg’s previous feature, Maps To The Stars.

    David Cronenberg’s future seems a lot brighter than it did seven years ago when he was struggling to fund his next film. The amount of hype and conversation around Crimes of the Future has reached such a high point that it appears certain to elicit at least a few angry reactions when it premieres, which will prepare him well for The Shrouds.

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