Deadpool 3 has the potential to resurrect the MCU connection from the first film.

    The first Deadpool film almost had obvious MCU links, but Deadpool 3 can revisit them as part of the newly united series.

    In the upcoming Deadpool 3, an underutilised and unofficial MCU connection from 2016’s Deadpool could be revived, taking advantage of its newfound prominence in the franchise and possibly connecting it to another Marvel property. The first Deadpool had a big MCU Easter egg and a deleted sequence that almost featured a renowned Marvel location that would subsequently appear in Captain America: Civil War later that year. With the MCU obviously working towards a Thunderbolts film, Deadpool 3 is in a perfect position to tie into it and canonise the 2016 original’s deleted MCU connection.

    Deadpool was a faithful and unexpectedly poignant rendition of the notoriously irreverent Merc with a Mouth, with several barbs at multiple Marvel film continuities, particularly the two timelines in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise. The third act action sequence in Deadpool was set on a decommissioned SHIELD Helicarrier, but the film didn’t make any mention of the vessel, which had already been made famous by the MCU’s Avengers films. Ajax, Deadpool’s nemesis, would have been released from the maximum-security prison The Raft in an additional sequence that was removed from the final edit. The setting was included in the MCU’s Captain America: Civil War just months later.

    Deadpool will be a part of the MCU in his upcoming third film, Deadpool 3, which will not only make the deleted sequence from the first film involving The Raft canon, but also connect Deadpool to the suspected MCU version of the Thunderbolts. Given Wade Wilson’s experience on a team of (mostly) superpowered beings in Deadpool 2 and the fact that the Thunderbolts typically consists of antiheroes and supervillains, the Raft and/or Ajax could easily be referenced in Deadpool 3, and the MCU’s potential Thunderbolts adaptation could easily include Deadpool. The Raft in Deadpool’s detection scene isn’t the same as the one in Captain America: Civil War, but whatever gets Deadpool into the MCU might merge the two continuities, modifying backstory from the first Deadpool film to fit the MCU version.

    Although Marvel Studios has not confirmed a Thunderbolts adaptation, recent MCU properties appear to be pointing in that direction. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character, Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, appears in both The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Black Widow, recruiting both John Walker and Yelena Belova. This might eventually lead to a reinvented Thunderbolts squad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which Wade Wilson would be perfect for.

    Deadpool has a hefty body count in his two films so far, but he isn’t completely ruthless. He’s shown to be motivated by more than just money in both Deadpool films, with his second excursion seeing him organise a team to prevent a young mutant from becoming a supervillain rather than simply killing him. The comic version of the Thunderbolts has a redemption theme, which is appropriate for the film adaptation of Deadpool.

    Although Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are not part of the MCU, Wade Wilson might make an invasion into the franchise, combining the mythos of the two film franchises. With Deadpool’s films possibly being the only portions of the Fox X-Men universe to enter the MCU, his backstory might be rewritten to fit the Marvel Studios’ brand, transforming The Raft, who almost featured in Deadpool 2, into The Raft seen in Captain America: Civil War. If acknowledged in Deadpool 3, the deleted Raft sequence from Deadpool would be canonised, giving it a valid MCU connection.

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